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Read More About Airplanes in your Dreams – Dream Meaning and its Interpretations

Dreaming of an airplane represents the trajectory or momentum of plans, ideas, or projects that you wish to launch.

Positive and Negative Aspect

Positively, airplanes are a reflection of successful, evolving experiences. Everything working together to achieve the desired controlled result.

Airplanes, on either hand, may reflect the realization of plans, ideas, or projects that aren’t working out as planned. Everything appears to be falling into place to ensure an unstoppable outcome.

A plane can also represent frustration or jealousy when you see someone else succeeding or gaining momentum with their plans. It’s unpleasant to witness someone doing something you can’t do or can’t stop.

Airplanes Dream Other Meanings

Flight was cancelled

Missing a flight in a dream represents missed opportunities or the feeling that everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Your plans are not going as well as you had hoped. You might be taking on too many responsibilities.

Something you are attempting to achieve is indefinable. Increasing your efforts may not be the best solution to your problems. It might be a good idea to take it easy. Better planning or preparation may be advantageous.

Airplane Departure in Dream

Dreaming of an airplane taking off represents the takeoff of plans, ideas, or projects. There is forward motion or progress. It could also represent an unstoppable situation.

Airplane Flight

Dreaming of flying to another country represents the realization of plans or choices that result in a different mental state. A current circumstance is causing you to experience completely different emotions or focus.

The Invisible Plane in Dream

Dreaming of an invisible airplane may represent feelings of insecurity about your current situation. Feeling successful or making progress without being able to see it.


Dreams about airplanes can sometimes reflect our feelings about dying people or the journey of death. For example, an elderly man dreamed that his deceased wife had gotten on a plane before him.

After his wife died, the dream most likely represented his feelings about his journey to the afterlife being close at hand.

Someone saying get off the plane in your dream

People may also have dreams about someone who has recently died telling them to get off the plane at the current stop, even though the deceased person is supposed to continue the flight.

Dreaming About Airplanes in your Dream | Dream Meanings | Dream Interpretation | Dream Analysis
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Dreaming About Airplanes in your Dream | Dream Meanings | Dream Interpretation | Dream Analysis

Cases of Dreaming an Airplane

Case# 1

A woman dreamt about flying on an airplane that always crashed.

In real life, she was having difficulty turning a hobby into a business venture. Problems continued to arise, delaying her goals.

Case# 2

In his dream, a man saw an airplane take off in the dark.

In real life, they had a coworker who was about to release an ambitious business plan during a period of great uncertainty.

Case# 3

A man had a dream about an airplane in a hangar.

In reality, he was unemployed and bored while looking for another job.

Case# 4

A woman had a dream in which she missed a flight to New York.

In reality, she was worried about the success of a business trip to New York because if something went wrong, she would miss out on an entire season to showcase her products.

Case# 5

Someone dreamed of an evacuation plane landing. When she awoke, she was about to undergo emergency surgery.


Title: Explore the Meanings of Dreaming Airplanes in Real Life

Description: In a dream, an airplane can represent the exploration of your inner self or spiritual ideas. Here are some other explanations of such a dream.

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