Dream About Alligators – Meanings and Interpretations

Dream About Alligators – Meanings and Interpretations

Dreaming of an alligator represents a potentially dangerous situation in your life. Feeling as if a problem has thrown you off balance or made you feel unsafe. You might be shaken by something or struggling to solve a problem. An alligator may also represent a strong fear you have.

  • An alligator could be a sign that you need to work harder to confront your fears or talk to someone about your problems.
  • It may represent the danger you feel as a result of a job loss, argument, or interpersonal conflict. It could also represent the threat of loss or the sense that a crisis is approaching.
  • A dream about alligator may reflect your threats of severe consequences to others if they do not behave or conform.
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Types of Dream About Alligator

Eat Alligator

If you eat alligator in your dream, it represents overcoming a fear or a dangerous situation. You have a sense of victory, success, and triumph.

Blue Alligator

Dreaming of a blue alligator represents a strong fear of a positive situation. You may have strong insecurities or anxieties about something that is beneficial to you.

Examples or Cases of Dream About Alligator

Case #1 – alligators following him in dream

A man had a dream that alligators were following him. In real life, he was attempting to avoid financial ruin. The alligators represented his fear of his failing finances and inability to pay bills.

Case #2 – chased by flying alligator in dreams

A man dreamt about being chased by a flying alligator. A hurricane disaster severely traumatized him in his waking life. The dream most likely reflected the dreamer’s thoughts on the looming and dangerous possibility of another hurricane.

Case #3 – alligator chasing daughter

A man had a dream that an alligator was chasing his daughter. He became enraged with his daughter in his waking life because he was concerned for her safety. He was concerned that he had overreacted.

Case# 4 – holding baby alligator in dreams

A woman dreamt about holding a baby alligator. She was threatening her husband with God’s wrath in her waking life because he had cheated on her with another woman. In this case, the alligator may have reflected her feelings about God’s wrath being a lurking threat that her husband needed to fear if he was to continue living immorally.

Case# 5 – in dream walking a delicate line with alligators beneath her

A woman had dream about walking a delicate line with alligators beneath her. She was cautiously trying to maintain perfectly acceptable conduct in order to avoid being fired. The alligators in this case may have reflected her feelings about the looming threat of being fired if she made a mistake.

Topic: Meanings an Explanations of Dream About Alligator

Desc: Dream about Alligator denotes threatening people with God’s wrath if they do not change their immoral behavior. Read this article for more meanings.

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