Dream About Angels

Dream About Angels – Dream Meanings and its Interpretations

An angel in a dream symbolizes goodness, purity, protection, comfort, and consolation. Angels can also represent your perception of a person or situation that you believe is the ideal solution to a problem.

Such dreams may represent a wonderful situation in your life that relieves you of a burden or keeps you from experiencing difficulty. Dreaming about angel represents a situation that makes you feel blessed, thankful, or lucky.

Person with Angel Wings

Dreaming of a familiar person with angel wings represents some aspect of your personality that makes you feel safer or relieved in a difficult situation. It could also be a reflection of your feelings about that person making your life easier or protecting you in some way. It could also reflect your feelings about how perfect they are.

Angel Wings Cut Off

Angel wings being cut off or burned off in a dream represents a problem or negative intentions that prevent something or someone from being considered perfect. Desiring to see someone or something as perfect, but feeling that something is preventing you from doing so.

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Dream About Angels | Angels in your Dream | Dream Meaning and its Interpretation

Cases of Dream About Angels

Angels in Dream

Dreaming that you are an angel represents your sense of responsibility or the desire to protect others. Being the ideal solution to someone else’s problem.

Angels approaching

A woman had a dream about an angel approaching her. In real life, she was taken aback when a friend expressed an interest in practicing her faith alongside her.

An angel reflected on how this friend was the ideal solution to her problem of not being able to practice her faith as she desired.

Angels on your shoulder

A man had a dream that an angel was on his shoulder telling him not to listen to certain music.

He was in a band that was going nowhere in his waking life when he realized that taking a real job away from music is a very good idea to listen to in order to have financial stability for the rest of his life.

Angels protecting you

A woman had a dream that angels were protecting her as she drove a car blind. In her waking life, she was praying to God for a miraculous solution to a frustrating financial problem.

Financial Crisis

In this case, the angel symbolism may have reflected her belief that faith in God was all she needed to get through a financial crisis without having to think about more practical solutions. She may have survived financial difficulties by chance, believing it was due to God.

Piece of soul

A young woman had a dream in which angels gave her a piece of their souls. In her waking life, she disliked her job and hoped to find a new one that she would enjoy.

Starting a new job

In this case, the angels may have mirrored her thoughts about starting a new job after receiving job responses from companies she liked, making her feel better about being fired from the job she didn’t like. She felt a sense of relief that her current job would no longer be as important to her.

Title: Dream About Angels and Possible Meanings

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