Dream About Beds

Dream About Beds – Dreaming of Beds Meaning and its Interpretation

To dream of a bed represents an issue that you are uninterested in addressing. Situations that you have chosen to accept, live with, or ignore. Making the decision to “sleep on it” metaphorically.

Sitting on the Bed

Sitting on a bed may indicate that you are considering taking action in response to a situation that you have accepted for far too long. It could also indicate reluctance or fear of confronting a problem.

Bed is unmade

Dreaming of an unmade bed may represent indecision or unfinished business. A made bed may represent a final decision or a resolution to an issue you’ve addressed. Feeling satisfied that nothing else needs to be done about a problem.

Get out of your bed

Getting out of bed represents an attempt to solve a problem or make a change.

Bed Unknown

If you wake up in a new and/or unfamiliar bed, it may reflect a new awareness of yourself. It could also represent motivation to deal with problems in novel ways.

Someone’s Mattress

If you find yourself sitting in someone else’s bed, this represents inaction or acceptance of an issue from a perspective based on whatever characteristics stand out the most about that person.

Creating Love

Having sex in bed represents a positive or enjoyable experience that you do not want to change.

compelled to sleep

Dreaming of being forced onto a bed or feeling held down on a bed may represent feelings of wanting to make a change in your life but feeling blocked by something.

Two people in bed

Dreaming of two people in bed together without sex represents two aspects of your personality that are inactive or do nothing about a problem. Ask yourself what qualities or feelings about the people stand out the most, and how those qualities might apply to waking life situations where you are comfortable leaving a situation alone or not doing anything about a problem.

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Dream About Beds – Dreaming of Beds Meaning and its Interpretation

Cases of Dream About Beds

Case# 1 – had a nightmare

A young boy had a nightmare about being pushed down on his bed and being unable to breathe. In his waking life, he felt compelled to witness his father’s abuse of his father, with no way to stop it. He felt powerless to intervene and was forced to accept the abusive situation.

Case# 2 – dream about a girl

A man had a dream about a girl he knew sitting on a bed. In his waking life, he thought the girl was stupid and couldn’t leave the house, while the girl’s parents never chose to take responsibility and encourage her to grow up.

Case# 3 – stuck in bed

A woman dreamed of being afraid while stuck in her bed, unable to get out. In her waking life, she was unable to find a new job and was concerned about her future.

Case# 4 – sitting in a bed with strange woman

A woman had a dream about sitting in bed with a strange woman between her and her husband. In her waking life, she was aware of a problem that she had accepted as never being confronted and had not made sufficient effort to address.

Case# 5 – dream about herself

A woman had a dream about herself and others in bed, then being shot to death by someone. In her waking life, she was concerned that hurricane preparations would not be completed by others while a hurricane was forming.

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