Dream About Bridge

Dream About Bridge – Dreaming of Bridge Meanings and its Interpretations

To dream that you are crossing a bridge represents a transition, critical choice or an essential junction in your life.

Other Related Dreams and Meanings

  • Bridges in dream constitute a transitional duration for your existence.
  • If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will confronting negativity of some sort. both lifestyles situations that challenge you, or result in a transformation.
  • In case you fall off the bridge and into the water, then the dream shows which you are letting bad mind and emotions prevent you from moving forward.
  • To dream of fearing crossing a bridge may additionally reflect a fear of change, transferring, or failing in the course of a critical second. A worry of moving forward in existence. A mirrored image of your loss of self-belief is making an critical alternate.
  • To dream of leaping off a bridge represents feelings approximately abandoning a transition or moment of alternate. probably a signal that you are selecting to give up on reconciling afflicted courting.
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Dream About Bridge – Dreaming of Bridge Meanings and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Bridge

Case# 1 – move a bridge

A man dreamed of looking to move a bridge in his automobile and then the bridge became flooded with water. In waking life, the man turned into trying to promote his domestic to keep his commercial enterprise and could not discover a consumer at the same time as strain turned into constructing to discover a purchaser speedy. The bridge may additionally have meditated his attempts to safely transition from a failing commercial enterprise to a hit one.

Case# 2 – didn’t want to move

A lady dreamed of bridge that she did not want to move. In real existence her husband desired her to move to any other country and he or she didn’t need to make this alteration to her life at all.

Case# 3 – giving up trying to move

A younger guy dreamed of giving up trying to move a bridge. In real life, he had giving up seeking to fix a bad courting with a collection of buddies. The bridge may additionally have contemplated his wish to transition the relationship with the pals from a terrible one to an excellent one.

Case# 4 – fearing crossing a bridge

A person dreamed of fearing crossing a bridge. In real life, he feared making the transition from his running life into retirement as he were given older.

Case# 5 – leaping off bridge

A lady dreamed of leaping off a bridge. In real life, she had given on reconciling her marriage and filed for divorce.

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