Dream About Burglar – Meaning and Interpretations

Dream About Burglar – Meaning and Interpretations

Dreaming of a burglar represents feelings about a dishonest and sneaky aspect of your personality. Feelings of dread at the prospect of losing power or stability. It expresses your alarm or shock at the prospect of having power or stability taken away from you without your consent due to an oversight.

It could also indicate a fear of losing something valuable, such as your life, if you aren’t careful. On a personal, material, or emotional level, you are feeling violated.

A burglar in dream could symbolize your own dishonest attempt to steal power or resources from someone else. Feeling as if you don’t deserve to be stripped of your power, status, or resources, even if you’re being irresponsible with your security.

You or another person who is aware of the damage or failure they are causing. Intentionally doing something wrong while being aware of the ramifications.

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Dream About Burglar | Burglar Dream Meaning

Example or Case of a Burglar in a Dream

A young man had a dream about a burglar breaking into his house at night and robbing him. He had ignored some serious schoolwork in his waking life and received a serious “wake up call” when he received a failing grade with serious consequences for his final grade. He believed he had purposefully robbed himself of a stable academic career.

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