Dream About Cell Phones

Dream About Cell Phones – Dreaming Meanings About Cell Phones or Mobiles Phone and its Interpretations

A cellphone in a dream represents emotional or psychological closeness. Feelings of immediate need for something. It reflects on the wishes, beliefs, desires, or feelings that you value or do not want to lose.

Other Meanings of Cellphones in Dreams

Cellphones may also represent resources or connections to other people that you want to have at all times. Things you’d like to have, experience, or think about a lot.

Cellphone Conversation

In a dream, talking on a cellphone represents your focus on issues that are important to you or emotionally valuable. You are devoting a lot of time to something or have a strong desire to make something happen.

Cellphone Misplaced

Losing your cellphone in a dream represents an emotional disconnect from what is important to you. Difficulties that divert your attention or prevent you from thinking or feeling as you would like.


Being unable to reach someone on your cellphone in a dream represents feelings of separation or being cut off. You may be unable to communicate with a loved one or feel cut off from something emotionally supportive.

Family members who are separated from loved ones frequently fantasize about not being able to contact them via cellphone.

Cellphone Crack

A cracked cell phone in a dream represents feelings about previously easy connections or access in life being compromised or ruined.

  • A sense that the friendships or relationships you require have suffered irreversible damage. Convenient relationships or access feel permanently jeopardized as a result of conflicts that are too difficult to resolve.
  • Disliking an unpleasant overtone overshadowing a previously simple task in your life. Special treatment may leave you feeling bereft.
  • Difficulty letting go of someone or something because life is harder without them.

Drop Your Phone

Dropping a cellphone in a dream represents waking life situations in which you feel an emotional or psychological closeness has been lost. Access, connections, or feelings that are important to you are accidentally lost.

Cases of Dream About Cellphones

Case# 1 – Ex-girlfriend on a phone in dreams

A young man had a dream that he saw an old friend on the phone with a girl he liked. This old friend was a fighter who never gave up.

In real life, the young man was rejected by the girl he liked, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. The old friend on the phone reflected his need to want this girl in order to function and his refusal to stop thinking about her.

Case# 2 – dreaming of cracked mobile phone

A woman dreamt about finding a cracked cell phone.

In her waking life, she kept having feelings about reconciling with her ex-boyfriend after a major argument that she felt had rendered reconciliation with their very good past relationship impossible. It was no longer easy for her to be friends with her ex.

Case# 3 – dreaming of destroying mobile phone

A young woman had a dream about destroying a woman’s cellphone.

She was envious of her boyfriend telling her about another woman he was interested in, so she gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and the other woman.

Title: Dream and Meanings about Cellphones – A brief Guide

Desc: To dream about talking on a cellphone may indicate a sense of emotional urgency. It demonstrates that you believe you require something to function. Read more in this article!

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