Dream About Chicken (Food) – Meanings and Interpretations

Dream About Chicken (Food) – Meanings and Interpretations

Eating chicken in your dreams represents a situation in your life that gives you confidence. It’s possible that you’re overcoming a fear or anxiety. Overcoming cowardice is a difficult task. You should be proud of yourself for standing up to something that scares you.

Eating Chicken in Dream Meaning – Dream Meaning | Dream Explanation

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Fried chicken in a dream represents gaining confidence in situations where you perfectly humiliate someone. After humiliating someone, laughing at their problems or bullies. Standing up to a problem and feeling confident that it will never become a problem again. Self-assurance that you can eat whatever you want without gaining weight.

Negatively, fried chicken in a dream may reflect feelings about enemies or competition in your life gaining advantages over you with stunning ease. Awareness of yourself being confident while being excessively mean to people.

Other Meanings of Dream About Chicken

It shows a situation of being too much confidence in being rich being able to solve all your problems. Delusions or misguided beliefs about how easy something is.

Raw Chicken

To dream of raw chicken feelings of confidence about situations that are dangerous, careless, or unpleasant. Confidence about situations that don’t need to look good. Overcoming a fear or bully in a reckless manner.

Evil with Chicken

To dream of enemies or evil people eating chicken in a dream may reflect jealousy of your enemies becoming more confident than you. Feelings about losing confidence in being able to overcome problems or challenges.

Alternatively, dreaming of evil people in a dream eating chicken may reflect awareness of yourself becoming confident in a very dishonest, immoral, or arrogant manner. Awareness of yourself being enjoying being a jerk to someone. Confidence that you feel while being mean to people.

Chicken Wings

To dream of chicken wings represents feelings about enjoying confidence in a situation with a challenge being too easy. Enjoying confidence with something that is easier than you thought. Confidently having a good time.


To dream of hotwings or chicken wings with hotsauce represents feeling of enjoying confidence with a dangerous situation being too easy. Confidently having a good time getting away with something dangerous or risky.

Cases of Dream About Chicken

Case# 1 – sleeping on chicken

A young girl had a dream about sleeping on a massive piece of friend chicken and then falling off and breaking her legs. She was overconfident in her ability to eat whatever she wanted without gaining weight in her waking life, and she despised having to go on a diet and exercise regularly once she had gained weight.

Case# 2 – grandfather prepare fried chicken

A young girl dreamt about seeing her grandfather prepare fried chicken. She had done poorly on a school exam in her waking life and felt compelled to study flawlessly from that point forward in order to be completely confident in her future school performance. In this case, the fried chicken may have reflected her self-assurance in her ability to achieve perfect grades if she worked hard enough.

Case# 3 – eating spciy chicken

A man dreamed about eating spicy chicken wings. He ran an illegal pornography business in his spare time and was never caught. He felt good about himself because he was confident in his ability to make a lot of money without worrying about how dangerously illegal what he was doing was. He was taken aback by how simple it was for him to run his illegal business.

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