Dream About Choking – Meanings and Interpretations

Dream About Choking – Meanings and Interpretations

Choking in a dream represents emotional suffocation. Feeling unable to express yourself or make decisions on your own.

Choking someone else in a dream symbolizes your disinterest in or hostility toward someone else expressing themselves. It could also be a sign that you don’t want other people’s opinions to be taken into account at all. In a positive light, it may reflect your efforts to break negative thought patterns.

Choking on food in a dream could represent new ideas or situations that you believe are causing more problems than you initially thought. It’s possible that you’re having trouble accepting other people’s ideas.

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Example of Dream About Chocking

While lying in bed, a woman dreamed of being choked. She was dissatisfied with her husband during the day because she felt he had complete control over her life.

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