Dream About Church

Dream About Church – Dream Meaning of Church and its Interpretations

A church in your dream represents your need for solutions to a life problem that is bothering you. You require insight, a solution, or some kind of direction as to what path to take or why something is happening to you.

It indicates that you may have reached a fork in the road.

Negative Aspects

Negatively, dreaming of a church may reflect your feelings about other people being stupid and blind in serious situations. Ignorantly believing that if you are faithful enough, everything will work out.

A church, on the other hand, may represent the entirety of your religious faith. How faithful you are or your thoughts on the purity of your faith.

Basement of a Church

A church basement dream may represent a problem, crisis, or test of faith. It could also indicate difficulty in determining why something terrible is happening to you.

Naked in Church

Days before their wedding, many women dreamed about being naked in church. The type of dream they have could simply reflect their anxiety about being the centre of attention at the wedding. Anxiety that all of their friends and family will notice every detail about them during the ceremony.

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Dream About Church – Dream Meaning of Church and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Church

Case# 1 – Burning Church

A man dreamed of being in a burning church and thought that standing at the pulpit would protect him while it burned. He was dying of AIDS and believed that returning to his old job as a minister was his final calling.

Case# 2 – wish to work in a church

A man wished to work in a church. In his waking life, he felt that someone he knew was being extremely stupid and naive by having blind faith in the government to solve the 2008 financial crisis.

Case# 3 – compelled to attend a church

A man had a dream that he felt compelled to attend church. He was having a difficult time in his life and felt that he needed to start being more faithful to other people.

Case# 4 – standing in front of church

A man imagined himself standing in front of a church with a tower that reached into the sky. He felt compelled to safely chop down this church like a tree. In his waking life, he was attempting to figure out how to remove a mentor from his life whom he had lost respect for without causing conflict with the individual.

Case# 5 – women in church basement

A woman dreamed about being in a church basement. In her waking life, she felt her marriage was coming to an end, but she had great faith that it could be saved if she worked hard enough.

Title: Learn What Dream About Church Indicates

Desc: A church dream could also represent your awareness of others being clueless about how to solve problems or your feelings about others. Read more interpretations.

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