Dream About Clothing

Dream About Clothing – Dreaming of Clothes Meanings and its Interpretations

Clothing in a dream represents one’s personality. Consider the clothing’s style, value, and color for additional meaning.

Purchasing New Clothes

Buying new clothes in your dream may represent your desire to change your personality, mood, or how you act around others. Wanting to present yourself to others as a “new person” after recovering from a problem or making a significant change in your life.

Putting on Someone Else’s Clothes

Dreaming of someone wearing your clothes could represent feelings about other people playing roles that you believe should be yours.

Dressed nicely

Being well dressed in a dream may represent feeling good about yourself. In a waking life situation, feeling attractive, smart, or like a winner.

Changing Clothes

To dream of changing clothes denotes a shift in attitude, behaviour, interest, or focus. Changing your behaviour or emotions.

Tight Clothes

To dream of too tight clothing represents a personality or way of acting that is restricting or holding you back.

I Can’t Find My Clothes

Dreaming of being unable to find your clothes for an important occasion may represent feelings of being unable to meet others’ obligations, demands, or expectations.

Black Clothes

Dreaming of black clothing represents a fearful or excessive personality. Consider where you are afraid or obsessed in your life. Fear, ambition, or malicious intent are all out of balance.

Dark Green Garments

Dreaming of dark green clothing may represent a greedy, arrogant, or completely self-absorbed personality. Dark green can sometimes reflect suicidal thoughts or jealousy.

Light Green clothes

Dreaming of light green clothing represents a healing or improving personality. It could also indicate jealousy.

Clothes in White

Dreaming of white clothing represents a person’s sincerity or good intentions. White clothing, on the other hand, may represent the purification of bad habits or a negative aspect of your life.

Pink Clothing

Pink clothing in a dream represents a lustful or ambition-driven personality. It could also indicate strong sexual desire. Pink clothing may indicate that you should proceed with caution.

Secondhand Clothing

Dreaming of secondhand clothing may reflect feelings about following in the footsteps of others. Experience, power, or responsibility that has been passed down to you or made acceptable after it has already been held by someone else. Feeling as if one’s behavior is no longer important.

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Dream About Clothing – Dreaming of Clothes Meanings and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Clothes

Case# 1 – ragged clothes

A woman dreamed of having ragged clothes with holes in them and deciding to throw them away. In waking life, she was starting to recover on her own after leaving the hospital and was telling people that she no longer needed their help.

Throwing away old clothes with holes may have symbolized her “throwing away” her victim or helpless hospital persona.

Case# 2 – boyfriend wearing clothes

A woman had a dream about her boyfriend wearing her clothes and being irritated by it. She had moved in with her boyfriend and felt out of place as she adjusted to her new surroundings.

Case# 3 – struggling to get dresses

A woman dreamed herself struggling to get dressed. In her waking life, she was preparing for an important spiritual conference and felt insecure about her perfect personality, which reflected integrity and high standards of service.

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