Dream About Coins

Dream About Coins – Dreaming of Coins Meanings and its Interpretations

Finding coins in a dream represents happy feelings about real-life gains. It’s satisfying to have more than you did before. Getting a better understanding of problems, more power, or more freedom. Dream about coins also signifies a possible sign of good fortune.

Stacking Coins

Coins stacked in a dream represent feelings of having a lot more of something than you did before. You could also be putting money aside or biding your time until you can cash in on a favour or opportunity. In some aspect of your life, you are aware of the value you have stored.

Flipping a Coin

To dream of casually flipping a coin represents a lack of importance you feel for something you’ve noticed yourself gaining with. Luck or value you don’t take seriously. A casual attitude towards something lucky that’s happened to you. Feelings about yourself being luckier or more attractive than other people.

Heads and tails is a game that you can play with your friends

Playing heads or tails with a coin in a dream represents a laid-back attitude toward a decision. Allowing life or fate to choose for you.

A coin of silver

Silver coins in a dream represent good fortune or coincidences that you are experiencing. You may consider yourself fortunate to have more than you did previously. Chances or unexpected events that have provided you with insight, power, or freedom.

Coin made of gold

Gold coins in a dream represent positive feelings about power or resources that you can access at any time. Noticing that you enjoy something valuable you own. You might be envious of possibilities or opportunities that are always available to you. Knowing you have the power or freedom to use it whenever you want it is a wonderful feeling.

People with coins who are bad

Seeing bad or evil people with gold coins represents negative aspects of your personality that enjoy having the ability to make decisions. It could be a reflection of a negative life situation that is causing you to be afraid or disappointed. You might also feel helpless in the face of someone with more power or resources than you.

Coin refinishing

Picking up a coin in a dream may represent your feelings about making an effort to achieve ideas, insights, or goals you’ve considered. In a negative light, it may reflect squandering time on ideas you believe are good but aren’t.

Stamped coin

Dreaming of a coin with a specific year on it could represent a valuable idea or insight that only works in a specific way, as represented by the year’s symbolism.

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Dream About Coins – Dreaming of Coins Meanings and its Interpretations

Cases of Coin-Related Dreams

Case# 1 – find a coin

A man wished to find a coin. He felt fortunate in his waking life for having found a solution to a problem he would never have to worry about again.

Case# 2 – coin fall on ground

A woman had a dream that she heard a coin fall to the ground. She had come up with a new plan in her waking life to extort money from her husband before their divorce proceedings began.

Case# 3 – picking up coins

A woman had a dream about picking up coins on an empty football field. In her waking hours, she was brainstorming ways to rekindle her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who had broken up with her.

In this case, the coins may have represented her feelings about how valuable the insights or ideas were as she tried to come up with schemes to rekindle her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Case# 4 – giving coins

A woman had a dream that a man was very interested in her and that he gave her silver coins to help her buy lunch. She was thinking about dating a guy to help her pay her bills when she was awake.

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