Dream About Cookies – Meanings and Interpretations

Dream About Cookies – its Meanings and Interpretations

Cookies in a dream represent feelings about adorable behavior that you can’t believe there’s anything wrong with it. Listening to no one who tells you that you can’t enjoy something innocent just because you want to.

Other Interpretations of Dream About Cookies

·         Cookies in your dreams represent situations where you don’t feel like you’re about to get into trouble, but you think you might.

·         The potential to be overly indulgent in your enjoyment or to be caught doing so. Having trouble rejecting or avoiding something adorably enjoyable that comes your way.

·         Cookies could indicate an inability to resist a seemingly harmless temptation. Feeling childish for indulging in a pleasure.

·         Cookie dreams are common among women whose husbands are untrustworthy when it comes to sex or flirting. Feelings about having sex with your spouse.


Cases of Dream About Cookies

Case# 1 – giant cookies in dream

A man dreamed of a giant cookie. In waking life he was religiously practicing abstinence and having trouble avoiding masturbation. In this case the large cookie may have reflected his feelings about being childish when couldn’t resist sexual temptation anymore after remaining abstinent for long periods of time.

Case# 2 – making cookies

A woman dreamed about making her husband’s favorite oatmeal cookies. She had left him in her waking life and was now planning to return to live with him after her husband made some significant behavioral changes.

In this case, the oatmeal cookies may have reflected her feelings about returning to her sex life with her husband after moving back in with him, knowing that if she wasn’t conservative, she might lose her husband’s respect.

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