Dream About Coyotes – Meaning and Interpretations

Dream About Coyotes – Dream Meaning Coyote and its Interpretations

Dreaming of a coyote represents your feelings about a cold-hearted person or situation. Someone you believe is cruel, self-centered, uncaring, or heartless. Taking or being cruel and then moving on as if nothing happened.

Insensitive behavior that is unconcerned about the consequences of its actions.

Selfish people feel compelled to take something without asking. Unwelcome jerks who you wish would leave or stop unexpectedly showing up to embarrass you. Observations on “scumbags” who will take whatever they can get.


Positive and Negative Aspects

A coyote, on the other hand, may represent emotional protection that is unconcerned about what others think of you. To survive at all costs, you must be willing to lower your standards. A willingness to put your own needs first in order to survive, while also being aware of how unpopular you are.

Surviving selfishly when no one cares about you. Having no respect for anyone who believes you don’t deserve to live.

Coyotes, on the other hand, may represent an arrogant attempt to get away with lying to someone’s face.

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Dream About Coyotes | Dream Explanation Dream Meaning Coyote

Cases of Dreams About Coyotes

Case# 1

A woman dreamt about watching baby coyotes mature into adults. She overheard a woman in her waking life saying that she wished her boyfriend would dump his child so she could have him all to herself.

Case# 2

The coyote reflected the woman’s overhearing of a conversation about selfish child abandonment.

Case# 3

A woman dreamed about staring down at a coyote. She saw a vicious Internet argument in real life where one person said things she thought were extremely cruel and ignorant.

Case# 4

After making her final comments, this person never returned to the message board where the argument took place. In her dream, the coyote reflected the casual manner in which the cruel remarks were made.

Case# 5

A woman had a dream that she was surrounded by playful coyotes. When she awoke, she suspected that her husband was having fun cheating on her and feeling good about it.

Case# 6

Coyotes were a dream of a woman. She had the impression that her boss liked to lie to her face and get away with it in real life.

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