Dream About Death

Dreaming About Death in your Dreams – Meanings and Interpretations

Death is a symbol of change in dreams. Your personality or situation is changing for the better or for the worse. A phase of your life has ended, an era has ended, or roles have shifted. You could also be preoccupied with the death or illness of someone else. Death in a dream can also represent failure or loss.

Death dreams that come true are extremely uncommon. They are more likely to reflect fears of failure or feelings about unwanted changes than they are to reflect a death.

Other Meanings of Dream About Death

Bad People Pass Away

Bad people dying in your dreams indicate that issues have been addressed. Positive influences help to overcome negative aspects of the personality. Dreaming of good people dying represents negative influences overcoming positive aspects of your personality.

Own Demise

Dreaming of your own death represents the feeling of watching yourself completely fail. Positively, it may reflect the experience of witnessing a significant change or transformation in yourself.

Death while Assisting Others Dreaming of your own death after assisting others could indicate that you need to rethink how you handle yourself in real life. You might be giving too much of yourself away to others. Unreasonable risks or putting yourself in danger.

People Laughing at Death

Dreaming of dying while people laugh at you represents feelings about situations or people who are unconcerned about your failures.

Deaths of well-known individuals

Dreaming about people you know dying represents changes in certain aspects of yourself that these people reflect. It could also represent your perception of these people succumbing to a problem, as well as personality or lifestyle changes.

Dying Child

Dreaming of a child dying represents a loss or unpleasant change in a previously promising area of your life. Positively, a child’s death may signal the resolution of a long-standing issue.

Parents Dying

In a dream, seeing your parents die represents an inability to make positive or effective decisions. Your father’s death represents a breach in your conscience or ability to make good decisions. Your mother’s death represents a breakdown in your intuition or ability to plan ahead.

A dead mother could also represent feelings of being overrun by bad luck. You can’t seem to find the answers you need, or you’re feeling unlucky.

A dream about your parents dying indicates that you should seriously reconsider your current life path. It’s possible that significant or fundamental changes are required.

Boyfriend passed away

In a dream, seeing a boyfriend or girlfriend die represents a problem that has overcome a helpful or protective aspect of your personality. A habit or situation that once served your best interests may no longer exist or has been compromised.

Spouse passed away

Dreaming of your spouse dying denotes a permanent or secure aspect of yourself being jeopardized. A habit or circumstance on which you have completely relied has changed. It’s possible that something you’re used to has been compromised.

Fake Death in Dreams

Dreaming of a faked death could be a reflection of feelings about faking the end of something. Faking a failure in your personal life. Concerns that others will perceive you as insincere in your desire to move on from a problem or a bad relationship.


Dream About Death | Dream Meaning Death | Dreams Interpreations - www.Dreamsexplanation.com
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Dream About Death | Dream Meaning Death | Dreams Interpreations – www.Dreamsexplanation.com

Different cases of dream about death

Woman had a dream

A woman had a dream about her father passing away. She had broken up with her boyfriend in real life. Her decision (father symbolizes decision making) to give her boyfriend another chance in the relationship was metaphorically “passed” in the dream.

Mother had a dream about her child

A mother had a dream about her child being killed in a car accident. She had a big fight with her husband in her waking life about future plans they had together that she felt would never happen now.

Dream about best friend

A man had a dream that his best friend had passed away. His friend had joined a religious cult in real life, and he felt he had lost his ability to connect with him forever because he couldn’t accept his friend’s new life.

Woment dreamt

A woman dreamt about dying in a way that was not like death. She developed sleeping sickness shortly after.

Explore the Meanings of Dreaming Death and Related Cases. People with heart disease who dreamed of death and travelling had a much higher mortality rate in one study. Learn more about what could death in dream means, in this article!

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