Dream About Diamonds

Dream About Diamonds – Dreaming of Diamond Meaning and its Interpretations

Diamonds are a symbol of invincibility in dreams. Guaranteed beliefs, feelings, or circumstances. Diamonds can also represent unwavering principles or virtue.

This shows that you never compromise who you are or what you believe in by giving in or compromising who you are. There are some aspects of your life where perfection is essential. You appear to be in perfect health.

Other Meanings of Dream About Diamonds

  • Diamonds may reflect perfect arrogance. You believe you are superior to everyone else and that nothing can change that.
  • It could also be a reflection of how you feel about yourself or someone else behaving in a completely negative, arrogant, or dangerous way.
  • Dreaming of a diamond ring represents a long-term commitment or promise. It could also represent a long-term commitment made to you. It feels good to be accepted by others on a long-term basis.
  • On the other hand, a diamond ring could indicate that you enjoy knowing that someone is obligated to do whatever you say, no matter what. Anxiety about a strong relationship in general.
  • Anxiety about a relationship with a fiancée prior to a wedding. Anxiety or unfavorable feelings toward your family, with the exception of your relationships. Having a fiancée who is not accepted by your family.
  • Dreaming of throwing a diamond ring away could indicate excessive sensitivity to an argument or a lack of trust. Overreactions to the fact that one’s loyalty isn’t perfect.
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Dream About Diamonds – Dreaming of Diamond Meaning and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Diamond Ring

Case# 1 – wearing diamond like

A man dreamed of seeing himself in the mirror wearing “diamond-like” boots. In real life, he was a German doctor who despised seeing his workplace and hospital overrun by Nazis. His dislike of seeing himself become a “perfect Nazi” as the Nazi regime’s policies became more restrictive may have been reflected in the diamond-like boots.

Case# 2 – dreaming of diamonds

A man dreamed about someone telling him that he could be “either on his menstrual period or perfect like a diamond.” In his waking life, he was a student who was subjected to strict religious rules that had to be followed or he would be embarrassed for far longer than he desired at school.

Case# 3 – receiving diamond ring from fiance

A woman dreamed of her fiancé giving her a diamond ring and then telling her to run away with it to avoid being pursued by someone. In her waking life, she was worried that she would have to elope to marry her fiancé because her family wouldn’t accept him because he was of a different religion. Running away with the diamond ring could have been a reflection of her desire to elope in order to keep her relationship with her fiancée forever.

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