Dream About Dog

Dream About Dog – Dreaming of Dog Meanings and its Interpretations

In your dream, a dog represents emotional protection in various areas of your life. The breed, size, and color of the dog all reflect how you choose to guard yourself against negative emotions and problems.

In contrast, a dog represents emotional self-defense. How you deal with a difficult situation while maintaining your composure. Something you can rely on in yourself or others to protect you or keep problems at bay. To overcome fear, jealousy, or other people’s harsh words, remind yourself of something.

A dog, on the other hand, symbolizes the loss of control over one’s instincts and desires.

Angry Dog

To dream of an angry dog almost always represents anger and viciousness towards other people. It may also reflect a loss of your temper. Angry dog may also reflect feelings about someone angry in your life that you feel has an alpha male mentality.

Bitten by Dog

To dream of being bitten by a dog may represent feelings of being attacked, bothered, or threatened. Feeling the effects of others viciousness. A clash of agendas. It may also reflect difficulty with addiction. Patients in hospitals may dream of dogs attacking them to reflect unpleasant medical treatment that is in the best interest.

Dog on Leash

A dog on a leash represents self-control or keeping your instincts and urges in check.

Dead Dog

To dream of a dead or dying dog may represent giving up. You may have lost something that gives you confidence or makes you feel safe.

Cutting a Dog

To dream of cutting dogs head off represents actions being taken to stop someone else from ever thinking confident again. Preventing someone from defending themselves or having something to rely on.

Lost Dog

To dream of a lost dog represents feelings of losing confidence in yourself or the ability to protect yourself emotionally. Feeling that you can no longer stand up for yourself. Feeling that a situation is too dangerous to confront. Problems arguing your side of a conflict or defending yourself.

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Dream About Dog – Dreaming of Dog Meanings and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Dog

Case# 1 – receive a dog

A man once had a dream about receiving a dog in a basket. He was in serious financial trouble in real life and had just devised a strategy to get out of it. The dog reflected on how his plans had given him the courage to face his problem.

Case# 2 – dog biting

A woman dreamed of a dog biting her hands. In real life she was in the hospital getting surgery done on her hands. The dog biting her may have reflected her feelings about the medical treatment she was getting trying to help her while also scaring her.

Case# 3 – black angry dog

A person once dreamed of seeing a black angry dog growling at them. In real life they were talking about someone they didn’t like in a very angry vicious way.

Case# 4 – dog trying to bite

A woman dreamed of a mean black dog trying to bite her. In waking life, she felt that her mother was being very angry, rude, and making degrading comments.

Case# 5 – dog being euthanized

A woman dreamed of her dog being euthanized or put down. In real, she was fired from her company and she lost all her loyalty for the company.

Title: Meaning and Interpretations of Dream About Dog

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