Dream About Door – Meaning and Interpretations

Dream About Door – Dream Meaning and its Interpretations

A door in a dream symbolizes access, new opportunities, and changes. It could also represent a viable option. A chance to try something new. A door can also represent the transition from one stage of life to the next.

Other Meanings of Dream About Door

Consider the colors, numbers, images, and your feelings associated with the door for further meaning. Initiating.

Open Door Dream Meaning

To dream of an open door represents new opportunities or options ready or waiting for you. It may also reflect a new opportunity or change that has already been initiated. Noticing yourself doing something different in your life. Your own receptiveness to new ideas or new situations.

Closed Door Dream Meaning

To dream of a closed door may represent opportunities or changes that are no longer available to you. Alternatively, a closed door may reflect a choice you need to make or initiative you need to take in order start an opportunity. The prospect for change that is up to you to decide.

Seeing a Door Open Dream Meaning

To dream of seeing a door open and then close immediately after may reflect feelings about an opportunity appearing to avail itself and then close off. Negatively, it may reflect your perception of a problem starting and then disappearing on it’s own.

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Locked Door Dream

A locked door in your dream represents opportunities, change, or access to something in your life from which you feel cut off. A locked door, on the other hand, could indicate your unwillingness to open up to others or even anti-social behavior.

Wrong Door Dream Meaning

To dream of opening the wrong door represents feelings about having accidentally accessed the options or opportunities that you don’t desire. Feeling of having accidentally opened yourself up to problems you don’t want to deal with.

Door Slammed Dream Meaning

To dream of a door being slammed in your face represents feelings of being “shut out” or ignored.

Let you in the Door Dream Meaning

To dream of people wanting you to let them in a door or who you welcome in a door represents ideas, habits, or life situations that are pressuring you to do something different. A part of you that wants to be acknowledged or a bad habit that is difficult to resist.

Criminals Come to Door Dream Meaning

If criminals or people you don’t like show up at your door, it means you’re dealing with negative thinking, bad habits, or fear in your life. It could also indicate that you are too exposed to negative influences.

Locked Door

Being locked outside of the door to your house represents negative influences or problems that overcome your ability to feel safe, normal, or stable. You feel you can’t be back to normal.

Dream of Door Dream Meaning

To dream of a door that can’t close symbolizes a change that feels irreversible.

Walking out the Door Dream Meaning

To dream of walking out a door you can’t go back into represents feelings about situations you’ve progressed through and can’t return to. Access or opportunities you can’t revert to.

Cases of Dream About Door

Case #1 – trying to unlock door dream

A woman dreamed about trying to unlock a locked door. In her daily life, she struggled to communicate with her daughter.

Case #2 – unable to close

A man had a dream about a door that was permanently unable to close due to a warp in the frame. He had taken an excessive amount of a specific drug in his waking life and was in a permanent state of hallucination.

Case# 3 – closing the door in dream

A woman had a dream that she saw a door open and then close. She had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend in real life, and based on her actions, she believed he was on the verge of breaking up with her. The next day, the sensation vanished.

Case# 4 – unable to return in dream

A man had a dream about walking out a door and then being unable to return. In his waking life, he was dealing with legal issues with difficult people, and he had reached a point where he couldn’t find reason with them to solve the problem.

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