Dream About Dragons – Meanings and Interpretations

Dream About Dragons – Dream Meanings Dragon and its Interpretations

Dreaming of a dragon represents paralyzing fear or feelings of oppression. A terrifying individual or situation. A dragon may also reflect feelings about dangerously bad behavior toward others. A terrifying individual or problem that may be difficult to avoid.

Other Dreams About Dragons

The Black Dragon

A black dragon in your dream represents one of your deepest fears. Something that frightens you or is too difficult for you to overcome.

Fear or nervousness may paralyze you.

Green Light Dragon

In a dream, seeing a light green dragon represents a powerful fear or terrifying experience that heals or improves your life. To improve yourself, confront your worst nightmare.

A terrifying challenge that must be overcome in order to progress in life.

The Blue Dragon

A blue dragon in a dream represents a very positive person or situation that terrifies you into doing what you want.

Being a Dragon

To dreaming of being a dragon points to your own attempts to terrify or scare people. You may be using fear as a weapon or control mechanism.

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Dream About Dragons | Dream Meaning Dragon | Dream Interpretation

Cases of Dream About Dragon

Case#1 – saw small dragon in dream

A man had a dream that he saw a small dragon on his paintbrush. In his waking life, he was an artist who was terrified of his paintings not being perfect because he was afraid that people would dislike them or lose respect for him if they were.

Case# 2 – dragons in the city in dream

A man had a vision of dragons circling the sky. I was terrified of failing a serious spiritual test in my waking life. He felt his soul was in danger if it failed the test.

Case# 3 – sharing room with dragon

A woman dreamt about sharing a room with a dragon. In her waking life, she was forced to spend time with her boss and was afraid of losing her job if she upset her boss, who had a very bad temper.

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