Dream About Drowning – Meaning and Interpretations

Dream About Drowning – Drowning Dream Meaning and its Interpretations

Dreaming of drowning represents feelings of being completely overwhelmed by uncertainty or excessive situations. Fearing that you will be overcome by failure from which you will not be able to recover.

You may be experiencing overwhelming fear, insecurities, guilt, or other negative emotions.

It means you’ve gotten too involved in something that’s now out of your control. Having a dream about surviving a drowning represents overcoming or learning to deal with difficult emotional situations. You may have overcome a challenge you didn’t think you could overcome.

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Examples or Case of Dream About Drowning

Case# 1 – dreaming of drowning in the sea

A woman dreamed about drowning in the sea. She was getting divorced in real life and worried about losing everything she had worked for up to that point.

Case# 2 – small boy drowning in dream

When a 4-year-old boy called for help, he dreamed of being in the water and drowning, with no one responding. He was sexually abused by his teenage brother during the day. The young boy’s feelings about being overwhelmed and trapped by the abusive behavior while knowing he was innocent may have been reflected in his dream.

Case# 3 – Son drowning in dreams

A woman had a dream about her son drowning while her husband did nothing. She had the impression that her husband was allowing the uncertainty of the problem to overwhelm his relationship with their son in his waking life.

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