Dream About Fingernails

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Dreaming of fingernails represents your thoughts and feelings about your self-worth, confidence, achievements, and self-image. The state of your nails reflects how you feel about yourself, whether positive or negative.


Other Types of Dream about Fingernails and Meanings 

Fingernail Breaking

A fingernail breaking in your dream may represent a temporary loss of confidence in your abilities, self-worth, or self-image. This could mean that it’s taking a long time to reestablish a positive self-image.

Fingernail clipped

To dream of having your fingernails completely removed represents a lack of self-esteem. Your self-esteem has been completely shattered.

Fingernail Painting

Painting your fingernails symbolizes a greater sense of self-worth or importance in your abilities. In the negative, it may reflect vanity or arrogance.

Long Fingernails in Style

To have long fingernails for fashion represents sensitivity to only doing what you want at all times. Alternatively, it could reflect vanity or a refusal to get your hands dirty.


Long fingernails in a dream may represent personal issues that you need to address or that you have neglected.


Dreaming of dirty fingernails indicates a low self-esteem. You may believe that you are not good enough or that you are not as good as someone else.

Dream About Fingernails | Dream Meanings | Dream Interpretations | DreamsExplanation.com
Dream About Fingernails | Dream Meanings | Dream Interpretations | DreamsExplanation.com


Cutting your fingernails in your dream represents personal concern for how you appear to others. It could also reflect a return to personal attention to appearances following a period of being overly focused on work or taking time off.

Dreaming of cutting your nails in public indicates a lack of concern for privacy or discretion when dealing with personal issues.


Sharp fingernails in a dream may represent you or someone else who scares others by not being respectful. An assertive or aggressive stance against changing something about yourself that others dislike.

Cases of Dreaming About Fingernails

Case# 1

A woman had a dream in which all of her fingernails broke. In real life, she lived with her brother, who was currently out of town and felt safe with him around because she knew she could count on him whenever she needed him.

Now that he was gone, she had temporarily lost that feeling as minor issues arose.

Case# 2

A young woman dreamed that a kitten was eating her fingernails. In her waking life, she dropped out of university, and while she tried her hardest to be optimistic about her future, she was concerned that without a degree, she would feel less important and worthy.

Case# 3

A woman had a dream that she could get rid of something that was growing under her fingernail that didn’t belong there. She felt empty inside after she removed the object. In real life, her ex-husband wanted her to move back in with him, but she refused, effectively ending any chance of the couple ever getting back together.

The unwanted object she removed from her fingernail may have reflected her ex-lingering husband’s feelings for her, providing her with confidence and the decision to end it once and for all.

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