Dream About Kissing – Meaning and Interpretations

Dream About Kissing – Kiss Dream Meaning and its Interpretations

Kissing in a dream represents approval, encouragement, or supportive behavior. If you’re kissing someone, it could be a symbol of someone or something you support. It could also be a way of you encouraging yourself.

Kissing can also convey approval or respect for someone’s abilities. Appreciating or encouraging talents or opportunities.

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Dream About Kissing | Kissing Dream Meaning | Dream Interpretation

Other Meanings of Kiss in Dream

Seeing Someone Kissing in Dream

Seeing other people kissing in your dreams could represent different aspects of your personality cooperating or different aspects of your life assisting one another.

Bad Kiss in Dream

Bad kissing in a dream represents negative feelings about someone else’s approval of you. You may have even received job offers or invitations from people you dislike.

Kissing Foot Dream

Kissing someone’s foot in a dream symbolizes approval or respect for principles. Admiring the morals of others.

Kissing Enemy in Dreams

Kissing an enemy in a dream symbolizes betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation.

Kissing someone you don’t like

The dream of someone kissing you that you don’t like represents unwanted praise or approval.

Kissing crush

Kissing can show how much you care about someone or reveal private thoughts about a crush.

Rejected Kiss

A kiss being rejected in a dream represents feelings of rejection or unwelcome approval or support.

Examples or Cases of Dream About Kissing

Case# 1 – woman kissing her husband in dream

A woman saw in dream that she was kissing her recently deceased husband. During a mass shooting, her husband had jumped in front of a bullet and died for her. After she had recovered from her grief, she was finally beginning to appreciate and approve of his willingness to die for her.

Case# 2 – kissing the ground

A man dreamed of being thrown to the ground by guards, and he is kissing the ground. In real life, he was living in Nazi Germany, where his veterans’ benefits and right to practice law were being revoked. His feelings about himself acting in support of the German government’s actions could have been reflected in the dream.

Case# 3 – kissing a woman

A man dreamt about kissing a woman but felt it was inappropriate. He was about to get married in real life and was having conflicting thoughts. The kissing in the dream could have been a reflection of his pleasure in thinking about other women.

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