Dream About Purse or Bag

Dreaming About Ladies Purse or Bag – Dream Meaning and its Interpretation

Dreaming of a purse represents your sense of self or identity. Thoughts, feelings, or life situations that give you self-assurance, power, or make you feel whole.

A purse can also represent emotional reliance or the things you require to feel complete, whole, or confident. Feelings about who you are.

Having your purse stolen

Losing your purse could represent losing touch with who you are, as well as giving up habits or life situations that make you feel confident and complete. The loss of one’s identity. Women who are confronted with new situations that make them feel insecure frequently dream about losing their purses.

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Dreaming About Ladies Purse | Dream About Bag – Dream Meaning and its Interpretation

Cases Concerning Purse Dream

women had a dream

A woman had a dream about returning to her church to retrieve a purse she had misplaced. In her waking life, she had given up certain privileges in her church for years in order to devote more time to her family, and she had only recently had those privileges restored. The purse reflects her sense of self and the emotional needs she has as a result of her additional responsibilities at church.

purse in boyfriend’s car

A woman dreamed about leaving her purse in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car. She felt that moving in with her fiancé was robbing her of her ability to feel like she had an independent identity in her waking life. Living with him, she believed, only allowed her to be independent on his terms because it was his home.

purse or bag heavy

A woman had a dream about seeing a red purse that was so heavy that it had to be carried by two men. She was having sex with two men in her waking life and was about to start her period. The red purse could have reflected her feelings about her feminine identity as a sexually attractive woman who had to make her men wait until their periods were over before having sex with them both again.

purse or bag lost in dreams

A woman dreamed about misplacing her purse. She had lung disease in her waking life and felt as if she was losing her identity to the illness as her health and finances deteriorated as she battled the illness.

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