Dream About Son

Dream About Son – Dreaming of Son Meaning and its Interpretation

In a situation where you are dominant, assertive, or insensitive, dreaming of a son you don’t have represents an emotional investment or hope for the future. It reflects protective feelings that are strong. You may be making every effort to keep a situation under control.

Being forced to make a decision in which you have a controlling or leading role. Choosing to be assertive or aggressive, and now having to live with the consequences or responsibility of that choice.

Other Meanings

Dreaming of a son you have in real life could indicate a situation you want to see succeed or thrive. If you have more than one son in real life, each of them will represent a different aspect of yourself based on your true feelings about them.

Evil Son

Evil sons symbolize negative or corrupted aspects of your personality that you are encouraging. It may also point to a bad situation or problem that you are supporting. You may feel that your own aggression or assertiveness has turned on you.

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Dream About Son – Dreaming of Son Meaning and its Interpretation

Cases of Dream About Son

Case# 1 – dreaming of long dead son

A man had a dream about his long-dead son. He had lost his eligibility for home insurance in his waking life, which worried him greatly.

The deceased son represented the man’s desire to reclaim his lost home insurance.

Case# 2 – father wished to his son younger

A father wished to see his older son when he was younger. His son was moving out of the house for the first time in his waking life. The man’s projection of his son doing something new with his life was reflected in the son’s age.

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