Dream About Wallet

Dream About Wallet – Dreaming Of Wallets or Gents Wallet Meaning and its Interpretation

A wallet in a dream represents social effectiveness and identity. In terms of using power to achieve goals or do what you want in life, how you see yourself or someone else.

A wallet may also reflect your or someone else’s ability to keep promises. Potential capability or power. Your self-respect is reflected in a wallet dream.

Other Meanings

A wallet reflects how powerful you see yourself or others in their potential to achieve goals, whereas money in dreams is more about the power to achieve goals.

Brand-new Wallet

Getting a new wallet in your dream represents a resurgence of power or changes that make you feel more in command. It’s possible that you’re gaining momentum or seeing more goals achieved than usual. It’s possible that a problem you’re having is getting better. You might feel more confident in your abilities.

Theft wallet

Dreaming of someone trying to steal your wallet or “pick pocketing” you could be a reflection of your fears of being taken advantage of. Your self-esteem, reputation, or social standing may be in jeopardy.

Have you misplaced your wallet?

Dreaming of losing your wallet could indicate that you are feeling worthless or depressed. Low status or social standing causes embarrassment. Feeling as if your life is slipping away from you?

Wallets in dreams may reflect your honest feelings about your personal worth due to your financial status.

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Dream About Wallet – Dreaming Of Wallets or Gents Wallet Meaning and its Interpretation

Cases of Dream About Wallet

Case# 1 – losing wallet

A man had a dream about his friend losing his wallet. In his everyday life, the man witnessed a friend break a promise. His friend’s inability to keep his promise was reflected in the missing wallet.

Case# 2 – father’s wallet

A young boy had a nightmare about his father’s wallet being taken. In his daily life, he felt as if his self-esteem had been snatched away.

Case# 3 – clutching wallet tightly

A man dreamt about clutching his wallet tightly. He didn’t trust someone who he suspected of trying to deceive him in his daily life.

Case# 4 – misplacing the wallet

A woman dreamed about misplacing her wallet and being unable to board a train. She had a low self-esteem in real life because she was always breaking and saw her friends living better lives while working less than she did.

Case# 5 – take wallet our and pay

People getting their wallets out and ready to pay for something was a woman’s dream. She was uneasy in her waking life about advice she had given to someone who was acting on it because she thought the advice was too serious and could jeopardize the person’s reputation if they chose to follow it.

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