Dream About Women

Dream About Women – Dreaming About Meanings and its Interpretations

Women in dreams represent passive, sympathetic, receptive, sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, creative, or giving feminine personality traits.

Women may represent aspects of yourself that are screwed over, used, or lost in a negative way. Jealousy or passive behavior. Desire for things you don’t think you’ll be able to get. Feelings that something you enjoy is a little too good for you.

Other Meanings of Dreaming About Women

A woman in dreams may also reflect your perceptions of women in waking life. How respectable or desperate they are.

Unknown Women

To see unknown women in a dream represents feminine aspects of yourself not experienced before. Positively, it may reflect feeling supported, being in control of something, or a desirable experience you’ve never had before.

Old Women

To dream of an old woman may reflect experience involved with supporting others or being screwed over. It may also reflect intelligent or intuitive feelings that override poorer judgment.

Attractive Women

If you are very attracted to a woman in your dream this may represent a desire to have something occur or to have a pleasurable type of experience. It may also reflect your feelings about how nice something is to feel in your life. Sexual urges.

Sex with Women

To dream of having sex with a woman in a dream may reflect feelings about enjoyable waking life situations. Consider the feelings or qualities that stand out most about the woman and see how they may apply to your current life.

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Dream About Women – Dreaming About Meanings and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Women

Case# 1 – seeing an evil woman in a dream

A man had a dream about seeing evil women who were seductively sexually appealing. He was forced to be abstinent during a spiritual test in his waking life, and he found it difficult to control his sexual urges for long periods of time.

Case# 2 – large woman in a dream

A man dreamt about seeing a large woman. He felt like a loser in his waking life because he had lost a fight and felt weak afterwards.

Title: Interpretations of Dream About Women

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