Dream of Being Attacked

Dream of Being Attacked – Dreaming of Being Attacked Meaning and its Interpretations

To dream of being attacked represents people or situations that you feel are hurting you emotionally or that threaten your sense of security. It may also reflect fears that you are giving in to.

Other Meanings

Others may be angry or defensive towards you. Issues that may cause a loss or increase an unwelcome risk (like illness, a financial loss, or something that threatens your relationship.)

You Attacked Someone.

Dreaming of attacking someone represents a confrontation with an issue or a defensive attitude. You could be overcoming obstacles or taking action against something you believe is a threat to you.

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Dream of Being Attacked – Dreaming of Being Attacked Meaning and its Interpretations

Cases of Dream About Attack

Case# 1 – dreaming of rescuing your wife

A man dreamed about rescuing his wife from an assailant. In real life, he turned down a gift from a relative he didn’t like. He was concerned that the gift would resurrect old squabbles.

Case# 2 – dreaming of being attacked

A young boy dreamt about being attacked. He was terrified of his father’s angry outbursts when he was awake.

Case# 3 – friend being attacked

A young woman imagined herself witnessing her friend being attacked and doing nothing. She had witnessed her friend being attacked for his personal views on race in her waking life and had done nothing to defend him.

Title: What Does a Dream of Being Attacked Mean In Real?

Desc: An attack in dream could point to past physical, financial, or relationship damage. Attacks in a dream may also represent your current relationship feelings. Know more in this article.

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