Dream About Vampires

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Seeing a vampire in your dream represents a parasitic or greedy element of your nature that feeds upon others. Someone or anything that takes up your time, energy, or resources. Perhaps your own selfish desire to exploit others or your projection of others who are dependent on you.

It might be either a physical or emotional parasite. Dream about vampire could also signify that somebody has emotionally exhausted you with negative impact. Or in some cases it means that you have the impression of not trusting someone. People who want to have sex with you.

Types of Dreams About Vampires

A vampire, in dream, may mirror your sentiments towards those you believe are trying to drag you down to their level or convert you to think adversely like them. It can also relate to your urge to become a vampire reveals a self-centered thirst for power. Here are some other types pf dreams and meaning.

Vampires Bite

Being bitten by a vampire in a dream suggests feelings of being used or fed on by others and being unable to stop it. If you have a dream about being bitten by a vampire and turning into one, it might be a reflection of your sentiments about yourself altering your honest perspective about using other people since you have been used.

Seeing Vampires around

Seeing vampires in a dream may indicate dependency, addiction issues, societal pressure, or indecision. You or someone else may be exploiting someone’s emotions.

Vampires may also represent a sickness that consumes your time and energy. It could be the alarming sign that you must begin to care for, value, or respect other people. It may also represent a desire to stand up to individuals who are taking advantage of you.

Dream About Vampires | Dream Meaning | Why Vampires Dream
Dream About Vampires | Dream Meaning | Why Vampires Dream

Killing a Vampire

In a dream, killing vampires represents eliminating dependency on others. It might also imply that you are dealing with people or events who are preying on you.


Other Cases of Dream about Vampires and Meaning

Case# 1

A seven-year-old girl dreamt about her mother becoming a vampire. In her waking life, she believed her mother was inappropriately using her as a confidante to vent her grievances about individuals she didn’t like. Her mother’s gloomy attitude seemed to be dragging her down.

Case# 2

A woman had a dream about a vampire having sex with humans. She had a crush on a guy who was neglecting her during the day.

Case# 3

A woman had a dream in which she saw humans transforming into vampires. In her waking life, she ran across former pals she didn’t trust since she blamed them for the awful things that were occurring to her.

Case# 4

A woman once had a dream about a vampire following her wherever she went. In reality, she was growing bored with her spouse and felt that he was emptying her of any joy and excitement. Her struggle to escape her husband’s humdrum routines was reflected in the vampire.

Case# 5

After catching a cold, some people experience nightmares about vampires biting them.

Case# 6

Some guy wished to be a vampire. In reality, he was utilizing a friend to help them move ahead in school.

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