Dream About Father

A Dream About Father – Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretations of Father in Dream

Dreaming of your father represents your conscience, or your ability to choose between right and wrong. Dreaming of your father could also represent your feelings about a decision you’ve made or are considering.


Aspects of Dreaming Father That Are Positive and Negative

In a positive sense, dreaming of your father may indicate that you have made a moral or positive decision. Making the decision to advocate for yourself. Feeling that a problem has gotten out of hand and deciding to take action. Choosing whether to be realistic or practical.

In a negative sense, dreams about your father may represent decisions you don’t want to make. Feeling compelled to make a decision that does not sit well with you. Feeling compelled to make a decision that will neither benefit you nor cause long-term problems.

A decision to continue doing something that is not advisable. Allowing someone in a position of authority to make decisions for you that are not in your best interests. You have the impression that you have made a terrible decision or made a terrible mistake.

Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretations of Father in Dream
Father in Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretations of Father in Dream

Other types of Dreams About Father

Father is Angry in Dream

If your father is angry or sad in a dream, it represents your disappointment or frustration with how a situation turned out as a result of a decision you made. Being angry with yourself for making a bad or stupid decision.

Arguing with Father in Dream

Arguing or fighting with your father represents an inner struggle with choice in your waking life. Internal conflict or deliberation over which option to pursue. Struggling to advocate for yourself.

Father Marrying

Dreaming of marrying your father could represent feelings about permanent decisions being made. Negatively, it may indicate that you believe you will be permanently stuck in an unfavourable situation if you make a particular choice.

Father Died in Dreams

If your father dies in your dreams, it symbolizes moral decay. You have lost your ability to make positive choices, to stand up to problems, or to make decisions that are cold and uncaring. I’m no longer concerned with doing the right thing. It could also represent failed decisions or choices that did not work out.

If your father is deceased in real life and appears in your dream, he is most likely a symbol for your conscience, unless you have unresolved issues with your father from your past.


Cases of Dreams about Father

Case# 1

A man had a dream in which he saw his father conversing with a friend. In real life, he was debating whether or not to call that friend. The man’s father represented the decision of whether or not to call the friend.

Case# 2

A woman dreamt about being unable to locate her father. In real life, she felt unable to confront those who were mistreating her. The woman’s missing father represented her realization of how difficult it was to make the decision to stand up to people.

Case# 3

A man dreamed of biting his nails and anxiously avoiding his father’s criticism. In his waking life, he was terrified of upsetting his new boss.

Case# 4

A man had a dream about his father slowly inserting his penis into his anus. In his waking life, he felt he was on the verge of making a decision that would completely ruin his business.

Case# 5

A man had a dream in which his father told him about alligators. In his waking life, he decided that certain financial decisions he was considering were too risky and should be avoided.

Case# 6

A woman imagined her father falling through thin ice into freezing water. In her waking life, she made the decision to relocate despite knowing it would be costly, and she soon ran into financial difficulties.

Understand What Dreaming About Father Represents? Fathers in dreams can also symbolize your current feelings about him if you have issues with him that need to be dealt with. Read this to learn more!

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