Meanings and Interpretations of Fighting in Dream

Meanings and Interpretations of Fighting in Dream – Fight Dream Meaning | Fight Dreams Explanation

A typical dream theme is fighting. Dreams involving fighting or watching people fight are often frightening. Such nightmares represent factors and conditions that impede your growth and hold you back from going forward toward your goals.

Fighting in a dream implies conflict and clash. It shows inner conflict over challenging feelings, other people, or life conditions. This also indicates resistance or the attempt to prove oneself, as well as the sense of strong hatred or envy.

Competing in a dream symbolizes the sensation that all of your energy is needed to attain a goal. It demonstrates a high emotional state during a dispute. It shows the feeling that people dislike you or are attempting to take advantage of you.

Such dream could reflect your inner feelings that others have turned against you. Furthermore, it represents the following issues you are dealing with in waking life;

  • Stress
  • Competing demands
  • Disinformation
  • Injustice
  • Confronting ignorance
  • Broken agreements

Positive and Negative Aspects of Fight Dreams

Fighting in a dream, on negative note, may represent your attempt to cope with trauma or fight back against your issues. It could reflect a refusal to put up with an issue or tolerate substandard treatment in any form. Taking a stand for yourself.

Positively, these dreams frequently represent how you deal with daily concerns and problems. If you fought back when someone assaulted you in a dream, this is a sign that your typical attitude to challenges and difficulties is to confront and deal with them with great will power and ability.

Dream About Fighting | Dream Meaning of Fighting –

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Types of Dreams about fighting and Explanation

People Fighting in Dream

Seeing other people fight may symbolize pieces of oneself that are at odds with one another.

It may also represent;

  • Competing views, goals, or aspects of your life Values that clash.
  • Fighting may also represent conflict with friends, family, or other individuals in one’s daily life.

Friends Fight in Dreams

Seeing friends fighting in a dream may signal that you will be called upon to settle disagreements between them in real life as well.

Fighting in Defense

Fighting to stay alive dreams may express thoughts of desperation to remain relevant. In waking life, I am experiencing an acute jealous battle. Here are some other meanings of such dream;

  • Feeling intimidated by someone or something who is attempting to push you to fail or shame you. Confronting individuals that dislike you.
  • Fighting a terrible disease or frantically attempting to maintain your career.
  • Resisting or battling someone you believe is a bad person.
  • Suffering from a disease.
  • Trying to avoid failure.

Dogs Fighting Dream Meaning

Dreaming about dogs fighting may represent heated or emotional debates. It may also indicate your thoughts about an impending confrontation. It may also depict one of the following;

  • A clash of opposing loyalties.
  • Anger or hate directed against another.
  • Ongoing quarrels.
  • Perhaps a reflection of individuals attempting to emotionally protect themselves.

Different Type Cases of Dreams About Fighting

Case# 1 – battling for his life in dream

In this case, a guy dreamed of battling for his life. He was dealing with a very terrible sickness in his waking life.

Case# 2 – fight with mother

A lady once dreamt of fighting her mother. In her waking world, she had a major dispute with her mother and was kicked out of the family home.

Case# 3 – Attack man at work in dreams

A woman had a dream of attacking a man at work. In her waking world, she was experiencing troubles at work with this man.

Case# 4 – fighting herself in dreams

A lady saw herself fighting zombies in dream. In her waking life, she was battling to overcome ennui in her relationship.

Case# 5 – fighting demons

A guy had a dream of fighting demons. In his waking life, he struggled to spiritually develop himself by overcoming negative habits and addictions that hampered his existence.

Case# 6 – fighting with her cousin

A young woman dreamt of fighting her cousin. In her waking life, she fought with being a homosexual.

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